julia speaks!

“HAI!” means Hi! It’s so clear it’s actually kind of uncanny.

“Da! Da! Da!” means That! That! That! and not Daddy, as you might think. Which said, sometimes That! does actually refer to Jeremy.

“Mammammammamma!” means How could this happen to me, an innocent baby?

Remember how she was born with her fist raised? She’s become very insistent upon her rights. If Claire gets a sip of ginger beer, Julia also gets a sip of ginger beer. Failure to comply will result in consequences! Baby power!

Other cool Julia facts: her favourite thing is to hug. Sometimes if she’s with Blanca she’ll twist around and hug me or Jeremy, then twist around and hug Blanca. This game could go on for an hour and she would be perfectly happy.

When she has hauled herself up into a standing position at the coffee table or TV cabinet and is standing there playing thoughtfully with a video cable or phone, she will emit a piercing whistle of pure joie de vivre.

You know how when you’ve just fallen in love and it makes the whole geopolitical situation seem more hopeful and colours prettier, and you think about that person and even the memory of the scent of their skin hits your heart like a shot of brandy? Julia is like that.

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