notes from a weary mama

Claire has almost grown out of announcing her entrance with the words “Here am I am!” or declining a request with the explanation: “Because I don’t want for to.” This is very sad, but as Claire herself would say: “I’m big now, actually.”

C: When I was little I would say zed. Now I am big I say zee!

R: Australians say zed. Americans say zee.

C: I am American.

R: A part of me just died.

C (kindly): I’m Australian too.

Julia has silver eyes. She’s the most amiable and enigmatic of children, absurdly patient with Claire, endlessly curious. She climbs up the bedhead and over the sides of the sofa. She crawls at high speed. She walks, holding Blanca’s hands, laughing her baby head off.

Jeremy and I are having a secret affair. On Monday we snuck off to see a movie – The Illusionist. Ed Norton was sexy, but it failed the Mo Movie Measure, so caveat emptor. Also in the Department of Voices from the Other Side, I’m reading Out of Place on the J-Church trolley car, and having a long and passionate conversation with Edward Said in my head.

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