happy birthday to you

Nearly seven years ago I answered an ad on the Bay Area Equestrian Network. I was looking for a magnificent white stallion that I hoped to call Binky. The advertiser and I arranged to meet at a farm in Orinda. I took Bryan along as well as Jeremy, just in case the advertiser was an axe murderer.

It was Salome. She assumed the boys were a gay couple and that I was a dyke, like her. She had a shockingly beautiful Swedish Warmblood gelding named Noah. We shared him for the next two years, and now we are both married – to men – and raising our kids on the same block in Bernal.

She’s crazy beautiful and funny and tenacious and smart and stubborn. She’s an inspiring teacher and an inspired writer and filmmaker. I can’t imagine that I would have stayed in America if I hadn’t met her; sometimes she’s the only person who can understand what I am trying to say, and often she is the only person kind enough to laugh at my jokes. Also, she thinks I am a pathological liar, so this post is really going to mess with her head.

Some random coincidences: Salome was born on 21 May 1967; my best friend in high school, Wendy, died on 21 May 1985. Oh, and Noah actually is gay. His boyfriend, in the next stall along, was a white stallion called Binky.

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