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Yesterday we drove down to Santa Cruz and saw Josh, Cate, Alexa and Zachary, who live two blocks away from us in San Francisco. Oh well. Julia got to meet her namesake, hereinafter known as Big Julia, and we took pictures of the two of them together, hereinafter known as the Julia Set.

I was crosseyed with tiredness when I got home last night, so what made me think I could get both girls to the playground on foot without Jeremy this morning is a mystery. Salome asked the obvious question – Why didn’t I take the brand-new twin stroller? – to which I had no adequate reply. I ended up carrying them all the way, a combined 42 pounds of daughter. There were tears and recriminations on all sides. When Jamey met me at the playground she immediately confiscated both kids and made me sit in the sun with a book of Ros Chast comics. Somebody give the woman her nursing degree already!

After lunch we walked the rest of the way up Bernal Hill; I can’t remember the last time I was up there. Quite a view, from Candlestick Park to the Golden Gate Bridge, the air clear and bright. Red-tailed hawks, over-excited toddlers, fighting kites. Jeremy borrowed a kite and immediately slew two hapless rivals. Beneath his mild-mannered exterior, &c. I sat and watched him and thought of my dad, former president of the Australian Kiteflyers Society, and how I used to sit and watch him fly kites at Tanya Park.

Oh, and Jamey, Carole and Rowan are hereinafter known as the S’mores, because they’re warm and sweet.

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