somewhat disjointed due to sleep-lack

So social! On Friday we met Jack, Milo, Ian, Carole and Rowan at Aquatic Park, then proceeded to Vik’s for chaat. On Saturday we had chai with the Ximms at Progressive Grounds, and mandarins with Tina, Frank and Maggie on their way to Glamour & Shag. On Sunday we braved an impressive thunderstorm to visit the O’Sullibrechts in Burlingame, and today after Jules wept for an hour I threw her in the car, drove to Emeryville and joined forces with Salome to run errands. And I skipped three parties because, eh.

Still, it’s Julia I am in love with, her tiny feet and vast galactic eyes. She has adopted Claire’s habit of peering out of the sling like a little forest creature hidden in a hollow tree. I say lemur, Jeremy says sloth. She is a radiant child, especially in his eyes as she never fusses loud enough to wake him up at night. She’s only grumpy today because her nose is runny, and she cheered up as soon as I got her out of the house.

As for me, though, I am so tired that the bones inside my fingers are rattling as I type.

Jules has another of Claire’s habits: the scent of my milk is enough to prevent her getting to sleep; so when she’s with me and overtired but not hungry she will fuss and fuss. As soon as Jeremy slings her and takes her away, she’s in dreamland. Oh the chagrin.

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