a lovely day out with the cat

We hiked Tennessee Valley with Recheng, Knoa and Avi, and when I say hiked, I mean that we meandered pleasantly, chatting about my new baby and her new job, while Knoa and Claire plastered themselves with mud from a puddle. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and cool. We saw a field mouse, two quail, countless hawks and buzzards, a butterfly, a bobcat(!) and six mule deer.

Recheng told us the story of the death of Beni the cat. “Jonathan thought Knoa would want to say goodbye to her cat, so he propped the body up on the front step. When I got home I saw it there and I screamed! Rigor mortis had totally set in; he said it creaked when he moved it. So Knoa came home and patted this dead cat, and I was crying, and the neighbor came past and said ‘Oh, what a lovely day out with the cat.’ And its tail was stuck out at an angle, like this -”

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