jeremy’s mamacita is in da house

Janny has arrived, so Claire has been snowed with toys and allowed to eat TWO PIECES of candy. I tell you, the rule of law is a joke around here.

It still wows me how much the kid understands. We dropped Janny at the B&B. “Gemma’s house?” asked Claire. “That’s right!” I said. “Gemma was staying there, and now Janny is.”

Claire thought for a moment, then said “Are they sharing?”

On a related note, the whole nuclear-family thing seems to be working out for her. Last night in the bath she performed a new and improved version of one of her old songs: “Daddy! Mummy! Claire! Julia! YAY!” Jeremy and I fell into one anothers’ arms, weeping figurative if not literal tears of joy.

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