mi mamacita is IN DA HOUSE

Picked Mum up from the airport this morning. She flew business class and looked dewy and fresh, straight off the plane. As I drove her to the B&B I pulled over – imagine a screeching of tires, though there was none – and said “Here’s someone I’d like you to meet!” Blanca was walking Milo and Claire to the playground. Claire hurtled into my arms, and I presented her for inspection.

“My grand-daughter!” said Mum.

“Kiss for Gemma?” I asked Claire.

“No,” said Claire, curling into my neck.

Mum was very cool about it. “Don’t push her,” she said. We hung out at the playground for a while, and Claire included Mum in a game; later, Claire thanked Mum for her new pink cardigan. But wasn’t until Mum had gone back to the B&B, and Claire and I were walking down to the Peruvian restaurant for dinner, that Claire had a chance to reflect on her day.

“Cardigan so pretty,” she said, admiring it. “It’s so great.”

“Gemma will be glad you like it.”

“Gemma tomorrow?”


“Hi Gemma!”

“She’ll be so thrilled if you say that!”

Claire thought for a minute, then said: “I love you Gemma!”

Be warned. If she gets up the nerve to say it to Mum’s face, the universe will explode in cascades of rainbows and unicorns.

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