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I forgot to blog the amazing meal we had the other night at Range, the new place where Timo’s used to be on Valencia. We ordered family-style, which was super-smart because we all got to taste everything and it was all outrageously good.

Our appetizers were goat cheese and sorrel ravioli, venison with red peppers, hamachi sashimi with cucumbers and avocado and an incredible chilled carrot soup. For entrees we had glorious roast chicken, perfect steak, delicious chard stuffed with goat cheese and mushrooms with a fried squash flower and the coffee-rubbed pork shoulder, which was out of this world. (And from Niman Ranch, so Salome: shush.) All the desserts were good too, but the standout was the Brillat-Savarin souffle with strawberries and balsamic reduction on the side. We had a cool, light Mendocino Pinot and a big fat syrupy Cotes du Rhone.

The space is gorgeous, all stainless steel and well-designed lighting, and our server Sophia was helpful, enthusiastic and cute. Even the lattes were delicious. Matthew, who has a Morgan Stanley expense account and eats like a feudal king in New York, was blown away: “Excellent, for the provinces.” All for less than half the price of Fifth Floor or La Folie. Very highly recommended.

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