why i like summer

Another crazy social weekend: Lake Temescal with hot mamas Jamey, Salome and Vibeke all day Friday, where I succeeded in getting thoroughly sunburned; bagels and Bernal playground with Bryan, Cian and Rowan on Saturday; then a two-barbeque Sunday. First up was a lazy lunch in the Meadows in Tilden to celebrate Kusia’s completion of her bar exam. Claire met three of the Bay Laurel horses, Nadya, Clancy and Tosca; played frisbee with Knoa and Avi; and squabbled endlessly with Chris’s adorable daughter Nora over possession of various balls. Finally, after lengthy naps, we headed over to Tim and Allen’s lovely apartment in Duboce Triangle for salmon and honeydew melon and chocolate mousse.

Too much fun, too much food, too much lying around in the sun telling jokes while the children bounce and squeal. I tell ya, there oughta be a law.

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