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Jeremy’s at the Phoenix Festival with the evil Jaffe Tsangs, disapprovers of potential names for Zoë/Julia. I miss him horribly, although I slept like a baby and got to work far earlier than usual today. Claire misses him too. Our dawn chorus is “AY! DADDY! AY!”; when it was me that went to get her instead of J, she looked disgusted and demanded “Daddy go?” The “Where did” is implied.

I called J and gave C the phone. She’s very professional about it these days.

C: Allo daddy. (pause) I Cian’s house. (pause) Cian pillow pile. (pause, with much nodding)

R (sotto voce): Can you tell Daddy you love him?

C: Yes. Love you Daddy.

At which point everyone died of delight.

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