she speaks!

God, language is just the best. I’m sure we’ll regret teaching her English soon – she started on the “Why? Why? Why?” line of interrogation this morning – but when she briefs me on what’s been happening, I just die of love. On the phone yesterday morning: “Me and Daddy and the BUS.” Last night as we picked her up from Rowan’s house: “Rowan and Rowan’s POPPY.” “Yes, that’s right Claire, Rowan and his poppy Josh. Do you like Josh?” “Yes. JOSH.”

I guess the emphasis is her first-generation migrant version of the Australian upward inflection, yeah?

I’m sure she said “I love you” to me the other day, but Jeremy insists it sounded more like “Why would you?”

Oh, and in support of my theory that whatever they seem to be talking about, people are really talking about themselves, she calls penguins “Wee wants.”

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