prodigious progeny

Today in swim class, Claire blew bubbles, kicked and swam underwater from me to John.

Yesterday at UCSF, the fetus currently known as Zoe/Sam waved merrily to the ultrasound. The tech described it as a “cutie patootie”, which I believe is a technical term. Based on the results of that and some bloodwork, our risk of chromosomal abnormalities has been adjusted down from 1 in 300 to 1 in 3,400. I’m very relieved.

I’ve been a bit sick for the last three months. On the way back from the hospital, it occurred to me for the first time that having another kid like Claire might actually be a lot of fun. Quinn says this marks the official beginning of my second trimester.

There may be trouble brewing, though. Claire’s watching Robert Altman’s astoundingly beautiful ballet film, The Company. She loves the dance scenes, and calls them “belly bouncing.”

“Maybe she’ll be a dancer!” says Jeremy cheerily. I danced, very badly, for seven years, and glimpsed the very edge of professional ballet culture. I shudder. Luckily she’s a stocky little biscuit, so unless she magically transforms into a sylph at 5, I think she’s safe…

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