portrait of a nerdcore marriage

R: Moebius would be a great name for a strip club.

J: Wha?

R: You know, with math grads shaking their booty.

J: It’s a bit one-sided.

R: It’s got an edge!

J: But the drinks are really small, because they come in Klein bottles.

R: That gives them an extra dimension.


R: We really are nerds, huh.

J: Yup.


R: What’s a concrete canoe?

J: Huh?

R: There’s a trailer going into the Marina saying “UC Berkeley Concrete Canoe”.

J: Oh, that. It’s a concrete canoe. It’s a standard project in civil engineering departments. They build ’em and race ’em, to learn the structural properties.

R: What is concrete, anyway?

J: Cement with rocks in it.

R: No, I mean, what is cement? What kind of a thing is it?

J: I dunno. I know you need the right kind of pointy sand, for the crystals to form.

R (dolefully): If I’d got that job on Concrete Weekly I’d know all of this.

J: You sure would.

Later still

R: What we need more of is SCIENCE!

J: Ah yes.

R: Got enough x to make a y, got enough forks to eat a pie…

J: You’re just making up words.

R: …got enough Euros to buy a pound, got enough rocks to build a mound!

J: I never knew you cairned.

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