god almighty

If only, if only there had been a Wikipedia back when I was a Sydney Anglican.

I remember saying to Christchurch’s Austin Day, rest his soul, that growing up in St Davids Forestville was like growing up in a church made of Tupperware, hermetically sealed from all history that took place between the Acts of the Apostles and the Billy Graham Crusades. He was very tickled: “Hermetically sealed. Funny little thing!” Here at last is the missing context that took me, I’m not joking, about ten years to piece together on my own.

Note especially: “Sydney Anglicans have often been described as Fundamentalist and sect-like by its opponents, but these terms are unhelpful in describing the differences. Fundamentalism, while taking the Bible at face value, has always been anti-intellectual. By contrast, Sydney Anglicans are encouraged to study and use their intellect so long as they continue to hold on to the central truths of the Evangelical faith.”

Yeah, so not anti-intellectual at all. I’m glad we got that cleared up.

I’d like to wind this up with something sardonic, but I’m dust and ashes. People who say that nothing is ever wasted didn’t grow up in my old church.

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