utterly pointless and strange

Last night I dreamed that my teeth fell out, and I wept and tried to gather them up, and said “I’ve dreamed about this but I never thought it would really happen.” What makes this especially poignant is that (1) my grandma had all her teeth pulled when she was 20, and lived another 76 years with dentures; and (2) I have a dental appointment this afternoon.

I also dreamed that I worked as an embalmer in a funeral home by a lagoon in the bush near Killara, in Sydney. I swam in the lagoon and met Brad deLong; we trod water and discussed macroeconomics. David Boies swam by. Brad and I found towels and walked across the car park to find a cup of coffee. About halfway across the parking lot was a brown and fetid little spring. “It’s all that’s left of the Aral sea,” said Brad.

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