Turkey was splendid and full of stories and will be treated at length in future. Air France poisoned me on the way to Toulouse, so Villerouge is a bit of a blur, but I recovered in time for a couple of excellent meals: quails with juniper berries, a good salmon steak, a fine meringue.

The weather in London is perfect, sunny and cool and autumnal. Claire loves Hyde Park more than ever. She calls the squirrels “gato” and the horses “eh-heh-heh-heh.” We’ve been eating very well here too, and not just Indian; nice Thai and a fabulous pub lunch yesterday in Greenwich, roast lamb with parsnips and carrots and cabbage and Yorkshire pud. Lots and lots of catching up: David, Sophie, Sam, Theo, Grant, Kirsty, Mia, Jo, Helene, Becca, Marcus, Julian, Donna, Nick, Christine, Mark, Jess. Much talk of houses and lovers and babies and software and movies and conferences and books.

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