how come so many of the people i really like were born in september?

Claire and I disgraced ourselves at Seth’s birthday party. First, she threw herself off her booster seat and roared the restaurant down; next I accidentally shut her fingers in a window; finally, she pushed the mosquito screen all the way out and into the flowerpots beyond, causing an immense clatter. We feigned nonchalance, but not well. Still, I had a wonderful time because so many of Seth’s friends are great fun to talk to, despite being supergeniuses who are half my age. Claire had a wonderful time because that’s just the kind of gal she is.

It wasn’t all being intimidated by the highly evolved youth of today; in fact I had a mama-fu moment as I was on the way out of the apartment. I had all the bags packed and Claire dressed in candy-colours under one arm, and at the bottom of the stairs I leaned down and slung the stroller over the other shoulder in a single graceful swoop. Whee! as Claire would say.

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