The phone rings. It’s the CEO, who’s been working from our office all week.

“I know you’re tearing your hair out on the report and I respect your time,” he begins, and my heart sinks, “but Tim has someone here he’d like you to meet. Is that okay?”

“Yes absolutely,” I say stoically.

They’re up in a minute, the CEO, Tim, and Tim’s new puppy Josie, a Burmese Mountain Dog-border collie cross puppy who gallops around the newsroom before bouncing into my lap and licking my chin. (She’s called Josie because Tim also has two pussycats.)

“Here’s the client…” says the CEO, grinning.

Everybody gets a cuddle of the sweet-smelling, blue-eyed pup. She’s delighted with everything. We return to work feeling much cheerier.

“Thanks for setting up that meeting, I got a lot of value out of it,” I call to the CEO as he leaves.

“You’re welcome.”

The puppy doesn’t want to go downstairs to the sales department.

“Dogs have a lot of integrity,” I tell Tim. “I think she’s more comfortable in editorial.”

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