happy morning, everyone!

She wakes promptly at eight and hoots to be fetched. One of us pads barefoot into her bedroom, where she’ll be sitting alertly in the crib. When she sees us she holds up her arms imperiously. She is scooped and brought into our bed for a morning drink of water from her spillproof cup. If we’re lucky she’ll doze for a while, as the sunlight tracks across the bed and the cat rolls onto her back and purrs and kneads the empty air.

More usually she’ll raid my bedside drawer for the Bonjela, an anaesthetic ointment for her gums, sweetened with purest saccharine. This is her preferred breakfast food. Denied this delicacy, she will roar her grief. At this point Jeremy and I argue about who gets up to give her breakfast. I generally win. Jeremy takes her away for muesli and organic yogurt, some of which she eats, the rest of which is daubed fetchingly on her face, torso and immediate vicinity.

I curl up with the cat and read a chapter of my book or snooze, unless Bebe is out of kibble, in which case she will pounce and attack my hands, and I’ll catch her and cuddle her until her growls subside into a grudging purr, and then I’ll feed her, because if I don’t she’ll just wait till I’m asleep and then rip out my throat. So cute!

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