Speaking of perspective, can I just say how grateful I am for the rule of law and for Claire and Jeremy just being alive? What’s happening in Darfur in Western Sudan is not scattered violence by Arab nomads. The Janjaweed are on government salaries. They drive army Land Cruisers and carry government-issue Thuraya satellite phones. Their wounded are treated in government hospitals. The Janjaweed are carrying out systematic killing raids on Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa villages. Ethnically Arab, their stated intention is to drive African tribespeople out of Darfur.

Ten thousand people are dead. A million people have been displaced. Darfur is empty.

It’s genocide. Remember how after Rwanda and Bosnia everyone said it would never happen again? It’s happening again.

Human Rights Watch: Darfur destroyed

Doctors Without Borders: statement to the UN Security Council

I used to have a morbidly vivid imagination for worst case scenarios, but not any more. I try to think about how it would feel if armed men came and shot Jeremy, if Claire and I lost our home, if she didn’t have enough to eat, but I can’t.

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