“I’ve been volunteering at this place, Familia, that helps Latino kids with their homework. And there’s this one girl, Michelle, she’s probably second or third grade, seven or eight years old, and she has a huge crush on me. It started with her just giggling when she saw me, but then the other day she walked past me and pinched me on the butt! I had to say ‘Don’t do that!’

“Then these other kids, boys – you know how kids ask you something really fast, and then ask ‘Yes or no?’ They were doing that, and I told them, ‘Just do your homework’, but then later I said ‘No’ to something and they all laughed and said, ‘You just said you were a girl!’ They’d been asking if I was a girl or a boy. They thought it was hilarious.

“And then Michelle jumped in and said ‘He is not a girl!'”

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