Today Claire learned about brushing her teeth. I have this way cute little rubber bristle pad that fits over my finger, and a tiny tube of toothpaste flavoured with apple and pear. She found the toothpaste delicious, and the bristles rubbing on her teeth and gums deeply soothing. She sang “Aaaah” and joyously drooled.

I am pleased with Ellen Ullman’s book The Bug, because it’s a little bit like the book I’m writing, but at the same time – completely different! This is perfect. I can say, “You know, it’s like Microserfs or The Bug meets Mating and A Suitable Boy and the Aubrey-Maturin saga”, and publishers will have no earthly clue what I’m talking about. But other people, people exactly like me, will crave my book like the geek-girl crack it is. And if you can’t cater to your doppelgangers, to whom can you cater, hmm?

In other news, I have a new horse! Laz. His name is Laz.

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