are you going to eat that? #2

“Are you going to eat your dinner? No? D’you mind if I do? I’m an athlete, see, and I need to carbo-load. There’s a whole group of us, we’re on our way to Tokyo, did you see us? Yeah? So do you guys live in Sydney or Brisbane? Where? San Francisco? Wow, you must have heard of our sport then! Sport aerobics? No? But it’s huge in San Francisco! San Francisco’s like a, world center! Well, it’s sort of like a cross between gymnastics and, have you ever seen competitive cheerleading? You have? Yeah, well it’s totally like that! A lot of us who do it, we came out of gymnastics. Me for example, I did gymnastics up until last year, and then I started out in sport aerobics, and this year I was picked as second seed for the championships in Tokyo. All the first seeds compete against each other, then the second seeds, and whoever wins the second seeds, say if it’s me, I get to compete against the first seeds too. Okay, so it’s judged on the quality of the movements, right? And the difficulty of the steps? And also, this is really important, the judges really look at this, your facial expression.”

As she said that, she circled her face with her finger; in case, I guess, we didn’t know what a facial expression was.

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