sin city

R: My stitches itch like buggery.

J: Buggery doesn’t itch.

R: It would if we tried it now.

I made it outside! Dolores Park has never been so beautiful. Fresh air! Trees! Wow! I also saw a Jack Russell humping a terrier, from the wrong end. I was on the phone to Tina at the time.

R: He’s humping its head! Oh, I suppose they’re having oral sex.

T: What can you expect in San Francisco?

R: Even the dogs are perverts.

Later Mum was reading one of the gay papers.

M: Look at this woman! What an extraordinary dress she’s wearing!


M: Oh, she’s a drag queen.

R: Yes, Mum.

M: I’m just an innocent English girl abroad.

R: You’re in San Francisco.

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