Non-stress test and amniotic fluid levels today, both of which confirmed that Claire’s perfectly healthy and happy right where she is, with no intention of moving just now, cheers, thanks. The amniotic fluid test involves an ultrasound, so we got another look at her, including a lengthy inspection of her face. She has huge eyes, high cheekbones and my upturned nose, except that on her it’s so squashed it looks like a snout. To my mother’s great chagrin, I’ve taken to calling her Piglet.

She’s very active, and she mugged shamelessly for the camera, yawning and blinking and twirling her hands. As with the 20-week ultrasound, the nurse fell in love with her: “What a cute baby! She’s made my day, she has.” I bet they say that to all mothers of adorably snouted fetuses.

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