hell on wheels

Driving back from Mum’s B&B after I picked her up this morning, I was pulled over by a police car. He’d noticed I haven’t put the registration stickers on yet: embarrassing, since J’s been trying to get me to do it for weeks. Anyway, we escaped unscathed.

“Lucky,” said Mum. “Last time I was pulled over, it cost me $140.”

“You were speeding.”

“Well, this Porsche pulled up next to me at the lights. And he was, you know, revving his engine.”

“So you dragged him off.”

“I did. And the police car was hiding just over the crest of the hill, which I thought was a mean trick.”

“The guy in the Porsche must have seen you being ticketed. I bet he laughed.”

“I bet he did,” says Mum ruefully.

“Well, I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young lady.”

She makes a face. “At least I beat him out of the lights.”

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