a forthright woman in atlas cafe

“You’re not bad with money. No. No. I mean honestly, I think you’re the only person I know around here who isn’t living paycheck to paycheck. And you’re buying cars and paying for her freakin’ education and living in the highest cost-of-living… Yeah, but you do what you want, right? … I mean, Katy, she made like eighty thousand a year, and every month she’s like Oh, my credit card, and everyone says, Where does the money go? and she says It just goes away, I don’t know. So we sat down and made a budget. She buys a lot of clothes, she takes a lot of trips, Portland, Mexico, Europe. It all adds up. And she’s a high maintenance girl, she gets her hair done, nails done. And then she has to make payments on her car because she wants a nicer, newer car. Cleaning lady, dry cleaning – she gets tons of things dry cleaned. And I’m like, I don’t do half those things. And then she starts to realize…

“I mean, I totally was living above my means, my credit card, but then it all evened out because this settlement I got, the disability, it paid off the whole amount.”

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