southbound on 101

Had a very Russian River weekend, with the usual delicious foodstuffs and hawks and redwoods and turning leaves and amazing weather and hanging out with friends. But driving home on the freeway is dull. We have to make our own fun.

R: Enjoy me while you can. We’re going to have huge fights after Claire’s born, and you decide to bring her up as a Catholic.

J: So she can reject our values and become a fundamentalist Unitarian.

R: Right! She’s not just going to like trees, she’s going to think trees are really really great.

J: Have you noticed how many American cars look like jokes?

R: What, with the blonde, the priest and the rabbi welded on the hood?

J: You’re really fond of that meta-joke, aren’t you?

R: It’s the priest. Catholicism, the funniest of all denominations.

J: I don’t know, I seem to be mining a rich Unitarian vein.

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