sofa sessions

We never used to say that Vordo could spin with one arm tied behind his back, but if we had, we’d be looking pretty smart right about now. Still in a sling after an unfortunate kite-flying incident at BM, Vordo opened 111 Minna for the inauagural North American Sofa Sessions last night.

There followed the delicious Mister Christopher Fraser, whose set reminded me that dance music does not bore me in the least when it incorporates melody and soaring vocals. It was *beautiful*, and so reminiscent of Melbourne DJ Kate Monroe circa 1996 that I went back in time and found myself falling madly in love with Jeremy. That’s always nice.

Chris, the last of our house guests, is off home to England today, and Burning Man is well and truly over for another year.

J (kiss): I am not uxorious. (kiss) It’s not excessive.

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