sweet dreams of you

It turned out Richard Stallman and Osama bin Laden were actually the same person. I was assigned to improve his public image. When I suggested trimming the beard, he became enraged.

Later, I was trying to search for “daylight saving New Zealand” on Google, but the text box kept changing “daylight saving” to “Intel” and “New Zealand” to “Helen Keller”.


In other news, my brother, he is funny.

We are brooding over coffee and bagels at Atlas.

R (deprecating the choice of music): Nothing like waking up to rockabilly. Hey,
can you have pomp rockabilly?

J: Prog rockabilly?

R: Add a banjo player to Yes.

J: Tubular Organs.

R: Tales of Topographic Farmboys.

J: Pink Floyd’s The Ditch.

Big (rousing himself from morning torpor): Dark Side of the Barn.

They ponder.

Big: The Alan Parsnip Project.

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